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Reader agrees with letter writer’s stance on environment

Dear Editor,

I read the Rev. Dr. Jean Wright’s letter to the editor on the revision of the Fairfax County’s Environmental Agenda with great interest and agree with her wholeheartedly.

I am a ruling elder and deacon at Providence Presbyterian Church in Fairfax. As a person of faith I wanted to share with your readers some observations about how Fairfax County could improve its Environmental Agenda Statement.

The document needs a section on climate change. The county should acknowledge that climate change is real, that it is largely human caused through the burning of fossil fuels, and that it poses threats to our citizens’ welfare. For example, melting polar ice will flood areas of Alexandria and along Four Mile Run. Vulnerable populations will face also higher utility bills that they may not be able to afford.

I am also concerned that the county’s environmental policy statements do not appear to articulate a clear vision of why the county is doing its fine environmental work. What is lacking then is a statement of principles of environmental stewardship that will guide county employees as they go about their very important work. Here is a possible example from a statement promulgated by the National Council of Churches. Sustainability-living within the bounds of planetary capacities. Justice-creating right relationships, both social and ecological, to ensure for all members of the Earth community the conditions required for their flourishing.

Bio-responsibility- the creation should not be treated merely as an instrument for our needs and wants. (See

David R. Kepley


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